¡Hola! Welcome to VITAL

We're on a mission to mainstream green

Does your home reflect your environmental values? Probably not.

Because it's hard to lead a sustainable lifestyle. And you're busy!

We're not here to judge you. We're here to get you started.

VITAL is a brand of practical, zero-waste home essentials and accessories that make it easier to integrate sustainable values into your daily routine.



Our Story

Founder & CEO Laura Napoli
After Hurricane Maria struck her native Puerto Rico in September 2017, VITAL founder Laura Napoli had a life-changing realization: If we're to prevent the very worst impacts of global warming, environmental action must hit the mainstream, and quickly. Yet she was frustrated by how difficult it was to find practical, sustainable alternatives that fit her life.

Thus VITAL was born: A brand of quality, thoughtfully designed daily-use products that minimize plastic waste and contribute to Puerto Rico's economy.

With your help, VITAL can be more than that. We are a movement of people who, with each purchase, send a simple message to polluting corporations:

"Do better."

Our Values

Zero Waste

We endeavor to reach zero waste in our products and practices. We punch above our weight and make the most out of every material, process, opportunity and failure.

Empathy. Always.

We understand where our customers, colleagues, suppliers, and other stakeholders are coming from. We're constantly thinking of the impacts of our words and actions on them.

Deeply Rooted

We embrace our Hispanic heritage and its many cultures with respect. We are committed to the sustainability of the communities we operate in, especially our home base of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Constructive Candor

We believe in giving and receiving thoughtful, direct feedback and engaging in respectful dialogue with our stakeholders and communities as powerful tools to fulfill VITAL’s mission.

Proud Strivers

We desperately want to succeed, motivated by the urgency of our mission. We believe VITAL can do immense good and put our whole hearts and brains into making sure it does.