Introducing TROPICUP, the reusable tumbler with Puerto Rico at its <3

a sneak peek at tropicup

My home needs help. It's your home, too.
By this point we've all been touched by the reality of our environmental emergency, someway or another. Nowhere is that more true than in my own corner of home, Puerto Rico, one of the most climate-vulnerable places on Earth and the site a growing waste crisis. People here want to add their granito de arena, meaning, they want to be part of the solution. So we’re tapping into the power of the local community to tackle this global problem.
VITAL partners with local makers to create accessories that support both your eco-conscious lifestyle and a more sustainable Puerto Rico. Today we’re introducing tropicup, the tropical reusable tumbler that will quickly become your favorite.
We teamed up with Boricua artist Lorraine Rodriguez to illustrate VITAL’s answer to the disposable plastic cup. The result? A tumbler that’s
1. Eco-conscious --> made from durable, BPA-free platinum silicone, lifetime guarantee 
2. Easy to Love --> flexible and unbreakable, dishwasher-safe compatible with hot & cold beverages
3. Puerto Rico Powered --> lifts up local talent: 70% of sales stay in Puerto Rican hands
But we can’t bring it to life without your help. We need $25,000 to manufacture & ship of the tropicup. In exchange for backing this project, you’ll get these limited edition cups before anyone else. And if you pledge over $99 you’ll also support community-led initiatives on the island, with rewards like adding your name to an educational mural we’re building with recycled bottle caps. Stay tuned for details.
Our future doesn’t have to be all doom – it can be a boom, of creativity and progress, of equitable growth and human flourishing. Sustainable living can be innovative, practical…even fun. That’s what the VITAL community is here to prove. And that’s what you’ll be backing on this campaign.
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